Flexibility in finding solutions to technical issues and specific project requirements as well as the constant search for best practices to serve our customers are key components of our business strategy.

Our executives closely follow the technological developments by participating in every relevant informative and educational event in the field of glass technology, such as conferences, international exhibitions and in-house seminars.

  • Customer-centered Philosophy: It consists in developing strong interpersonal relationships with our customers and two-way communication to understand their needs and to find the best solutions on a clear win-win basis.
  • Human Resource Development: The people of STAMELOS GLASS, are the supreme value and power of production of technologically perfect and quality products. The technicians of the company are trained and are constantly trained both for the high level production of quality products and for their excellent application in the projects.
  • Means of Transport: Due to the specificity of the glass loads, our company has its own means of transport, lifting cranes and other auxiliary equipment, for the safe and perfect delivery of products to our customers’ projects, always certified according to the requirements of current legislation. .


All the above constitute a tightly knit set, which operates under the Quality Management System of the Company, which has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2015, by the Swiss Certification Body SWISS APPROVAL.